For the sake of safety, we launched the #safeWillaZator campaign, because safety in the current situation is the most important issue and the most repeated word in every corner of the country and the world!


  • only accommodated Guests, Restaurant Guests, employees and suppliers may stay on the premises of the facility, each person is obliged to disinfect their hands using the means available at the entrance to the facility and its individual parts;
  • we increase the frequency of disinfection of large surfaces, public toilets, lifts, as well as touch points such as: handles, buttons, Reception counters;


  • all workers wash and disinfect their hands before they start work. Persons with disturbing symptoms are obliged to stay at home for observation;
  • workstations are equipped with disinfectant liquids, and each employee follows established procedures for regular hand washing and disinfection, as well as disinfection of the workstation;
  • employees are trained in dealing with suspected COVID-19 infection in a working person or a Guest;
  • procedures have been established in Willa Zator, and a place has been designated for the isolation of such a person until the arrival of sanitary and epidemiological services.


  • a line has been marked at the Reception to ensure a safe distance between the Guest and the Receptionist;
  • There can be only one person at the Reception desk; other waiting persons should keep a distance of 1.5 m;
  • Receptionists are equipped with masks, as well as liquids for hand disinfection;
  • materials related to checking-in Guests are limited to an absolute minimum;
  • the room card provided is disinfected before it is given to the Guest, and also after the Guest returns it at check-out;
  • the payment terminal is disinfected after each use;


  • each room is thoroughly cleaned and aired or ozonized after each guest’s stay;
  • We pay special attention to disinfection of such elements as: handles, switches, kettles, air conditioning and TV remote controls, handles and hangers, desk tops, bedside tables, backrests, bathroom taps, lavatory seats, toilet buttons;
  • during the Guest’s stay, the rooms are cleaned only at the request of the Guest communicated at the Reception of Willa Zator;
  • the floor service section is equipped with disposable gloves and masks;
  • towels and bed linen are washed and delivered in a sanitary regime;
  • information materials are limited to the absolute minimum, full information is available on our website


  • in accordance with the Regulation of the Council of Ministers – the restaurant remains closed,
  • meals are served to rooms for guests using accommodation services


  • Before your arrival, please make sure that your state of health does not endanger the surroundings. In case of suspicion of any infection, you can cancel your stay free of charge until 3 p.m. on the day of arrival;
  • if you have any symptoms of infection, you are in quarantine, you have had contact with an infected person and it has not been more than 2 weeks since – STAY AT HOME;
  • during your stay you are encouraged to :
  • wash your hands frequently and disinfect them (also after entering Willa Zator),
  • keep a safe distance during personal contacts,
  • replace a handshake for a greeting with a nod of the head.


  • do not leave the room;
  • notify the Manager of Willa Zator about this fact – tel. 790 522 520;
  • notify the nearest Sanitary and Epidemiological Station – tel. +48 33 843 09 28
  • in case of deterioration of your health, alert the emergency services 999 or 112 and inform the ward about the suspected COVID-19 infection